Yoga mat color matters

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Yoga mat color matters

yoga mat: rs-g004 Light Purple
yoga mat band:rs-g055 Wine Red

With so many types of yoga mats to choose from and endless places to buy them, there are many things to consider and color is one of them. Each color carries its own meaning and effect.
It may be good to know a little more about colors and its power.

Then select the one by  
1. Picking up the one which you WANT TO feel or be like.
2. Simply follow your heart, just pick the one you like. That may be the one you need now.

Calm and steady.
Keeps your mind clear and at peace, but avoid when you are depressed.

Intelligent and open minded.
It will motivate you to learn new things and communicate with new people.

Happy, bright and hopeful.
You will feel positive and strong enough to face any challenges in your life.

Sweet and romantic.
Your heart will be filled with love. You will love and will be loved back.
Note:It may bring out the inner child in you

Energy and passion.
Restores confidence and motivates when you are feeling blue.

Stable and dependable.
Harmonize with and blend in anything well. Makes you feel warm and secure.

Simple, sleek and polished.
Build tolerance and to accept things happening around you.

Mysterious, noble and wise.
Relaxes and calms you down. Enhances your sensitivity and imagination.

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